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Book Recommendations for Those About to Be Married

Whether or not you choose pre-marital counseling with me (which I highly recommend- and- many even say it's FUN!) I wanted to at least provide you with a short list of some of my favorite books for couples. Since modern society isn't keen on teaching us how to 'relate,' many times we hit road blocks in 'relationships.' But with a little knowledge and some great tools ahead of time, you will be better prepared for everything that may come your way- leading to a deeper and more rewarding life with your beloved! :)

I also offer a self-study course called Creating Healthy Partnerships. It is a six week course that can be done in 30 minutes a week and 10 minutes a day, that sets a great foundation for your new life together!

Find it here:

Here are a few book recommendations off the top of my head. I will probably add more as I think of them.

Getting the Love You Want- Harville Hendrix

How We Love - The Yerkovich's

Seat of the Soul- Gary Zukav

Conscious Loving- Gay and Katie Hendricks

Holding Space- A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First- Amanda Dobra Hope :)

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