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Wedding Ceremony in the greater Nashville area- $245

Add a rehearsal- $150 (up to 2 hours)

Elopement Special (just the couple and me- anywhere within 30 min of my office)- $195

Add 4 hours of counseling- $125 (normally over $400)

Note: Pre-Marital counseling is not required by me or the State of Tennessee. However, I have had many wonderful experiences with the couples that have opted to take me up on this service, and it does save you some money on your marriage license! As they say, preventative medicine is the best medicine. :)

Many are not sure what to expect from my contemporary version of pre-marital counseling. It is not at all my purpose to dig up things that aren't there or stir things up for you. What I believe, is that our culture has taught us lots about reading, writing, and arithmetic, but not nearly enough (or sometimes not in really freeing ways) how to RELATE. As relationships are what makes this world turn, we can all use a few pointers in an area where most of us have had to just figure it out as we go along. I find that my counseling style gives couples a great base for really getting to know each other, and tools for how to handle whatever may lie ahead based on the two of you together as one. Oh, and also, it's fun. Really! I have had more than one couple tell me they couldn't wait to come back for their second session!

Even better, here is a review from one of my couples...

My fiance and I went to Ms. Amanda Dobra for Pre-Marital counseling and were delighted by her relaxed approach and open-minded way of weaving spirituality with the modern realities every couple in today's society faces. Both of us can't help but feel the stress that naturally comes with planning a wedding but Ms. Amanda was excellent in finding time for both of us despite our conflicting work schedules. Ms. Amanda is easy to reach, easy to talk to, and easy to open up to. My fiance and I weren't sure what to expect with pre-marital counseling and were a bit nervous at first but we left both sessions with a renewed sense of optimism about our future together as well as a better understanding for one another. Since our pre-marital classes we have been a lot more aware of one another's way of dealing with things as they come up. We have a better grasp of communicating and compromising everything from minute details to larger concerns. Our wedding is around the corner and we are both ready to start our new life together. We would recommend Ms. Dobra to anyone out there :)

~Candace and James

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