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Other 'Life' Ceremony Services

Throughout my own life journey and in speaking

to others about theirs,

I have recently come to realize a profound human need for

life ceremonies of all types...

We as humans experience many transitions in our lives. Most of the time these changes pass by without our being able to properly acknowledge and process them.

When doors either open or close in our lives, they come with a myriad of feelings and changes. As we work through them, we are sometimes left feeling as if something is missing, as our society as a whole has yet to come up with a tradition, ceremony, or acknowledgment to help us properly integrate many of these changes.

Western society has given great attention to baby christenings/naming ceremonies, graduations, weddings, and funerals. (NOTE* I DO offer customized eulogy ceremonies for funerals).

These are all wonderful, important, and very needed. However, there are also other times in our lives when we have either gained or created something very new that will change our lives significantly, or have lost or willingly walked away from something that also launches us into a significant transition.

It is at these times that I feel we could all greatly benefit from a ceremony or ritual to help us mark that particular beginning or ending, and move forward with intention.

Reasons for life ceremonies can be as different as the people looking for them.

Basically, if you feel you are in a transition and want to properly close a door, start fresh, or pay proper respect to someone or something, you can benefit from a life ceremony.

Symbolism and ritual are very powerful in many native, ancient, and tribal cultures, helping to guide and support people from one phase of their lives to another.

I believe we can take this a step further even and create and personalize a ceremony or ritual for anything in our lives that we deem worthy of such acknowledgment.

All we humans really want is to be loved, supported, and held in life's most important moments. A personalized life ceremony may be just the thing to begin to help us properly integrate, acknowledge, and pay homage to these changes, as well as move forward with renewed spirit. 

Some examples of life ceremonies might be:

New child in the family                            Child moving away from home

New family member living with you          Sending a loved one to a nursing home

New business venture                             Closing/transferring of a business

New career                                             Closing the door on a long career

New phase in a relationship                     Desire to cleanse and release the: old,

New type of relationship                          worn out, broken, shattered,

New bill of health                                    unhealthy, or negative aspects of a:


                                                               illness,addiction, etc.

                                                               Loss of a pet

                                                               The 'funeral after the funeral' for

                                                               close family members and friends

                                                               who would like to say goodbye

                                                               with an individual and private ritual. 

Each life ceremony is personalized and written especially for you and your unique situation. We will start with an initial meeting in person or by phone where we will talk about your feelings and what you are looking to accomplish in your life ceremony.

Next, I will take a few days to write a draft of your ceremony, integrating any ideas, symbolism, poems, wording, etc, that you would like me to include.

I will then send you the ceremony for your review, and we will go back and forth until we've created something just right for your situation.

We will then decide (if we haven't already) on a date, time, and place for your ceremony where I will then come to your location to officiate the ceremony for you. You may invite as many or as few people as you'd like.

Personalized 'Life' Ceremony or Eulogy Ceremony Fee:

$325 (Nashville and Surrounding Areas)

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